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Soap Making Classes

Soap Making Classes

Soap Making 101

Learning to make soap is fun, exciting, and unique! This beginner's level class is great for anyone who wants to learn something new, meet new people, and make soap at home to give as handmade gifts. 

This class covers the Cold Process method of soapmaking wherein we will learn about lye safety, necessary equipment, vegetable and plant based oils, and essential oils for scenting bars naturally. 

This class combines lecture, demonstration, and a hands-on portion during which we will make three large batches of soap together. 

Students leave the course with handouts, a bar of olive oil soap, and lots of new knowledge to take home! 

Cost: $65

A special group rate is available for 5-7 people for $350.


July 23 @ 11am FULL


Soap Making 201

For those students who loved our Soap 101 course and want to learn more! We suggest you take this course after having made soap at home at least once. Bring your bars in for a critique session that is a valuable and enlightening part of this class! What did you do right? What didn't work? And why? 

During the hands-on portion of this class, you will choose one of three provided recipes and work with a partner to create a small batch of soap together with the guidance of our instructors. 

Students will leave with handouts, take home containers of the soaps made during class, and even more confidence to continue making soap at home!

Cost: $100 includes materials


July 24 @ 11am FULL


Weekend Lab


This intensive weekend lab is ideal for those who would rather take all our classes in one weekend.This will be the perfect opportunity to work in our kitchen, learning the soap making craft, creating and having fun with ingredients that will build your experience and help guide you to achieve your goals!


Join us for a 2-day in-depth workshop that focuses on the following skill-sets:

Day 1

•  Soap 101 – Learn the basics of cold processes soap making.

•  Aromas – Understanding and working with essential oils and fragrances, creating your own scent.

•  Carrier Oils –Which make outstanding combinations for different skin types.

•  Additives – Which are the best fit for your needs and effects.

•  Herbal Infusions –Remedies that help.

•  Salves – Combining necessary ingredients into healing.

Day 2

•  Soap 201 – A more in-depth recipe building and formulation experience.

•  Soap techniques – Fun experimenting with colors, swirls, textures, layering and effects.

•  Concept to design – Thoughtful outcomes, packaging and branding concepts.

We supply everything you need and you don’t need to bring anything but your happy self. Our material fee is always included! You will go home with thorough handouts, tested recipes, clear instructions for everything we make, and finished products. Students receive special weekend discounts, a binder and certificate of completion.

Cost: $350

Limited to 6 people.

July 23&24 @ 10-5pm FULL


Note: Classes are subject to cancellation due to low enrollment. You will be contacted in the case of cancellation for the chance to enroll in a future class.

Specialty Classes

Specialty ClassesMoisturize, Naturally. Butters and Oils. + Herbal Infusion

In this class you will learn all about the characteristics and benefits of various vegetable and fruit based oils and essential oils. You will learn the techniques for combining, scenting, melting, and pouring balms and oils to use as natural alternatives to commercial lotions and other moisturizers. 

Cost: $75 includes materials. A special group rate for 5-8 people is available for $375.


August 13th @ 11am



Herbal Infusion

At Abbey Brown we source local herbs and botanicals to infuse our oils that we use in our products. Take this opportunity to begin learning about the vast world of herbal infusions.  We will talk about basic herbs every aspiring herbalist should have, the benefits of making infusions, methods of infusion and carrier oils.  You will also learn about how to make good use of your infusions by creating balms and salves with unique healing properties. 

Cost: $70 includes materials

Dates: TBA



 Clean your home, naturally. 

This demonstration style class will teach you all you need to know about how to turn every day pantry items into cleaning supplies that are environmentally safe and friendly for you, your little ones, and your furry companions. By using just a few, simple ingredients you can make cleaning products that are even more effective than those commercial, hazardous, and harmful products on the market.  Come for a talk about the dangers of commercial cleaning supplies and leave armed with the knowledge to be more earth friendly and aware in your own home. 

Cost: $75 includes materials






Private Classes are available on an individual basis, customized to your learning preferences.  $450 per person.  Please email for more information.


Click HERE to sign up! Or email us at classes@abbeybrown.com for more information.